How to Know When to Replace Or Repair Your Auto Upholstery?

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When a person drives a car, there is a direct experience with the cabin. The driver doesn’t really have contact with the car’s engine or even with the car’s fuel tank. But a driver sits in the seat of a car for hours each day.

That’s why it’s a good idea to keep your auto upholstery maintained. And it’s not always enough for you alone to keep your auto upholstery in good shape. Sometimes you need to bring in some auto upholstery professionals to do some replacing or repairing.

How do you know when to replace or repair your auto upholstery? Here’s how.

Your car is more than 10 years old.

If your car is more than ten years old, it’s a pretty good idea to do a spot check of your auto upholstery. Look closely for tears, rips and stains. Check under the floor mats and in between the seats. If you have a convertible, carefully inspect the car’s top. Auto upholstery repair shops specialize in making the cabin of your car look great, so don’t be shy about finding every little thing that needs to be fixed.

You have kids or pets

Kids or pets can do a little bit of their own “work” on your auto upholstery, and you may not even realize anything is happening. Carefully inspect leather seats for small punctures. And look at cloth tops for little rips. And always look for stains.

You’ve recently been in an accident.

Car accidents can wreak havoc on both the inside and outside of your car. The first thing you may notice is any damage that’s been done to the windshield. And that’s fine because many auto upholstery shops fix windshields. You may then notice any damage from debris that made contact with the seats or floors.

You sleep or take naps in your car.

Find yourself lounging back in your convertible or hard topped car often? Your auto upholstery may be due for some repair. Often the weight of our bodies can begin to wear car seats down, and make them look older and worn. If you toss and turn while napping in your car, oils or moisturizers from your hair can quickly transfer onto your car’s seats and cause stains that are very difficult to remove. So if you sleep in your car sometimes, occasionally inspect your upholstery. You may find that your tossing and turning has begun to do a number on your car.

Auto upholstery repair doesn’t have to cost an arm a leg, so don’t avoid going to the shop every once and a while. There’s just nothing like the smell of new leather seats or the look of a nice clean convertible top. The interior of your car can be a wonderful part of you daily commute. So take the time to maintain your upholstery.

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