Get to Know Curtain and Upholstery Fabrics

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When it comes to buying any curtain and upholstery fabrics, you want to know you are buying quality. Luxurious designer fabrics have become exceptionally popular and in order to make a difference and stand out, enhancing your room design with confidence, having some idea on these fabrics, knowing what they are made of and what will blend in with your design, will ensure you make good design choices now and moving forward.

You will find when you start looking around online that the curtain and upholstery fabrics offered come in a wide selection, which can leave you feeling overwhelmed and unsure which is the right choice for you moving forward. Of course if you are going to spend money now and buy a top quality fabric, you expect it to last. But it is also worthwhile knowing what makes each of the fabrics so special and which will be the most durable and stylish choice based on your particular project.

Start with wool. Wool has been used around the world for years. It is used for clothing and upholstery fabrics, though it is very important you understand this product and what it means to use it as part of your room design. Wool doesn’t mean you are choosing a woolly jumper, it is a very resistant and absorbent material, but at the same time it can cause headaches when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. Wool often shrinks and can change shape easily, which means cleaning needs to be done with care following the strict instructions from the manufacturer.

Cotton is a very popular material, though when it comes to curtain and upholstery design, there are some factors to take into consideration regarding this particular fabric. Cotton is breathable and is very high quality. It is able to withstand heat, which makes it ideal for window coverings. Another reason to consider cotton is that it is easy to maintain and clean. Of course there are downsides and when choosing which fabric is the right match for your design and lifestyle, it is important you know and understand both sides of the coin. Cotton tends to wrinkle, which can be rather frustrating, especially when using the material for furniture. It also tends to shrink, which means while cleaning is easy, you need to take care.

When it comes to curtain and upholstery fabrics you often find that polyester is included. Polyester is a very strong and resistant material which is often used as a blend, so you will find it blended with the wood or blended with the cotton. A cotton and polyester blend provides you with all the benefits you find with cotton, but the polyester helps to reduce the wrinkling and gives the material even more strength. Again, polyester is very easy to maintain which makes it a very popular choice when it comes to room design and finishing touches.

Next is silk. When looking at silk for curtain and upholstery fabrics then you are looking at sheer luxury. Silk oozes luxury and comfort and is an absorbent fabric which is used for garments, curtains and more. It is important to note that while silk may give you a luxurious finish, it is not ideal if you want darker and thicker curtains to block out the sun. Further, you will note that this material usually needs to be dry cleaned.

The final material to focus on when it comes to curtain and upholstery fabric is velvet. Velvet another luxurious material that provides texture and spectacular finishes to your room design. Velvet is strong and long lasting and may be that luxurious finishing touch you are looking for.

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